Tuesday, March 1, 2011

On the Go Tic Tac Toe

So it is "Celebrate the Boy" month over at a couple of my favorite blogs, Made and Made by Rae and I couldn't resist making a little something for my youngest boy though I am sure my oldest boy will play with it too, who can resist a quick game of Tic-Tac-Toe, especially when you are on the go. This game will come in quite handy when we are out and about and find ourselves having to wait, like in a restaurant or on a long car ride, you know what I mean, it will keep your boy or boys busy.
So I got the inspiration for this little game when I saw this "Celebrate the boy" guest post by Zaaberry on the Made by Rae blog. These little toy bags got my "em-agination" rolling and I thought, gosh those would be great to make a little on the go game for my son. I altered the bag a little bit from the tutorial by using fabric on the back instead of the clear plastic vinyl, so that I could adhere the game board to the back. (A little tip on the vinyl, a lot of times, sheets and bedding products come packaged in clear plastic vinyl bags. I always keep the bags and then cut them up and reuse them to make things like this or my I spy bags, something I will have to show you another time.) I then used my favorite crafting tool, the Silhouette Craft Cutter (again not being paid to talk about it, I just love it, it is a great machine) to cut out heat set vinyl for the tic-tac-toe board for the back and the words on the front. 
For the game pieces, I picked up a couple of bags of 1 inch wood circles and Jo-ann's and then painted them green and blue. I then cut out the X's and O'x again using the my Silhouette and some self adhesive vinyl. The fun side of these game pieces are that they are double sided, did you notice from the picture, some have a white X or O while some have a green X or O. I hate to waste my vinyl so I used both the positive and negative image created by the cut out to make these game pieces double sided, no real reason, it is just fun and I didn't want to waste the vinyl. 
So there you have it a fun little game for your boys or girls on the go, I have another variation coming up making a checkers game for my kids but for now I must sleep.
P.S. ignore my sloppy sewing, I hate bias tape, I can never seem to get it on neatly, if you have any tips to help me get that tape sewn on there neatly, I would love to hear them. For now I am sticking with the excuse that the messy sewing was intentional, it adds to the games character, yeah, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

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