Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Drum for Kids

Those who know my family, know that we are very musical. Let me clarify, everyone but yours truly is musically inclined. My cute hubby is a drummer who actually plays in a local band known as "Over the Edge" who also dabbles in tickling the ivories from time to time. My oldest son is also a drummer who has played a couple of shows with his band "Asylum." My daughter is learning to play the piano and is very good, not that I am biased or anything and if you ask my youngest son who is 5, he will tell you that he is also a drummer. What can I say music runs in their blood. With so many musicians in the house, we have quite a few musical instruments laying around but as you can imagine, little hands are not always welcome to play these instruments so today my son and I decided to make a drum that was all his own. "Woo hoo oh yeah!" to quote my son when we were all done. It is a quick and easy project.

Here is what you need
  • 1 embroidery hoop
  • Ripstop Nylon (I bought 1/4 yard which is enough to make several drums, depending on the size of hoop used)
  • Heat gun or blow dryer
  • Glue (I used Elmer's, oops, I forgot it in the picture)
  • Paint (optional)
To make this drum, cut a square of fabric that is larger than the hoop.
Place a  line of glue on the outer rim of the inner hoop and a line of glue on the inner rim of the outer hoop. Am I the only one confused by that direction? Basically put glue on that parts that are going to sandwich the fabric.

Lay the fabric over the inner hoop, push the outer hoop around the inner circle and tighten. Pull the fabric that is sticking out of the hoop so that it is very taught and try to tighten the outer circle somemore.

Now take your heat tool or hairdryer and pass it over the fabric. As the fabric heats up you will see it tighten and smooth. Then turn over the hoop and do the same thing.

Trim the excess fabric from around the hoop. Ripstop nylon tends to fray so you make want to take your heat tool around where you cut, this will cause the fibers to melt slightly and stop the fraying.

On to the fun part...the part where you get to use your "em-agination." Take out your paint and decorate that bad boy however you want.

Hand it over to you child and listen as they get their groove on.
Please feel free to link to this post but please do not use my pictures without my permission, especially those with my children in them.

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