Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Doggy Leash

Our doggy leash broke the other day, Mr. Smith took our dog for a walk and let out the leash only to find that it no longer retracted like it was supposed to. We can't complain we have had our dog for almost 10 years and owned the leash just as long so I suppose we got our monies worth. I however saw the clasp and thought, that is still perfectly usable so I got to work making another doggy leash rather than going out to buy another.

I used some left over fabric I had laying around in my stash. I wanted to make a cute colorful leash since our dog is a girl but was stuck with manly neutrals since Mr. Smith does the dog walking in our house. Oh I go along for the walk sometimes but I am not the walker because the walker is responsible for picking up after their dog and I don't pick up what dogs leave behind. It's not because I am prissy or anything, I just have a gag reflex that doesn't stop which means I too would leave something behind if you get what I mean.

To make the leash, I cut out strips of fabric that were 2 1/2 inches wide and various lengths. I then sewed all the pieces together until I had one long piece of fabric that was 2 1/2 inches by about 7 feet. I then pressed all the seams open and ironed on some thin interfacing, mostly to give the leash some added strength. I then folded the long strip of fabric in half and pressed.

Back to the sewing machine where I sewed along the short side of the fabric and up the very long side, leaving one short side open for turning. Let me tell you the turning was a pain in the rump. Every time I came to one of the seams, the tube would get all bunched up, I think because it was just too much fabric for such a small area. After working it for quite a while though, I was able to get the fabric turned right side out. then iron your tube again so it lays flat.

For the handle, I just folded a loop about 7 inches long and secured it using several rows of stitching. I did the same to attach the latch to the other end of the leash. Only time will tell if this leash will last as long as our previous leash but even if it doesn't, I can just whip up another leash in a jiffy, only this time I plan to use only one long strip of fabric instead of a bunch of pieces, I am telling you turning that tube right side out was an incredible pain and I am going to make it girly, I don't care if Mr. Smith doesn't want a hot pink. ruffly leash, he is getting one.

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